Caring People

The powerful compulsion of drug or alcohol addictions can be devastating for the suffering individuals and difficult for families and friends to understand. Often, these individuals find that quitting drug or alcohol abuse on their own can be overwhelming. At times, impossible.
Every individual has a unique set of needs. Each individual will have his or her own personalized recovery plan, targeting his or her specific personal needs in our program.

The Goal

Providing the highest quality program at an affordable cost. We strongly believe addicted individuals can learn to overcome their addiction and live happy and heathy lives.

Take the first step

The first step to a lifetime of sobriety is to discontinue substance use– a challenge which typically requires a safe environment, a great deal of time, and finances. Depending on the duration and type of substance abuse, detoxification can be a brief process that will set the stage for rehabilitation. We provide these supports in our program through the difficult challenges ahead.

Following detoxification, Caring People Recover Center provides the transition to stabilization. At this stage, individuals receive the appropriate levels of support and treatment to allow them to gradually process the change and become receptive to new ideas and concepts. Throughout the recovery process, frequent and random drug testing will be performed to ensure individuals are maintaining abstinence.

Note: Many detox facilities are free but if you feel that you need sustained medication to assist you with the withdrawal process these services are quoted based on your need of service.

Creating a foundation

The goal is to teach each individual how to build a foundation for recovery. The goal is for each individual to embark on a path leading to renewed confidence, self worth, and sobriety. Recovery Support specialists help each individual identify the negative behaviors and attitudes that led to the addiction.

Each individual will learn how to replace the old attitudes with new ones as we support the use of BrainTrain and BioFeedBack to help individuals with there STOPPING ability. The program offers a multitude of traditional, spiritual, and alternative therapies designed to treat the mind, body, and spirit. Standard drug and alcohol screenings to ensure that clients are remaining sober throughout their rehabilitation period.