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Addiction is so Difficult

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I spent several months in a court room over this past year watching all 3 sides deliberate their position on a case. It was quite the show. One man was facing 7 years from domestic violence, stalking and possession of a controlled substance. He was there because of a VOP (Violation of Probation) and came over from the jail.

The view from the prosecutor was very different from what AA, NA and support groups teach. Addiction was a moral issue and these individuals were given every opportunity to get off drugs through Probation. The view was that probation was a type of treatment program. I didn’t know what to think?

According to the AMA (American Medical Association), WHO (World Health Organization), APA (American Psychological Association) and many other,  Alcohol and Drug Addiction is a disease, not a moral issue. 1 in every 4 homes are either directly or indirectly affected by substance abuse. I think we need to take a look at our beliefs and revisit the professional views in this area.