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Why Recovery Doesn’t Work

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Recovery is easier than it looks and will remain longer than any effort or will power we can put into it. Fear is the relationship we have found that controls who we believe we are and keeps us circling like buzzards searching for thier next meal. Fear keeps us tormented in our heads believing we can never change, so why even try? Another thought is: I am not sure of who I am so if I refrain from drinking or drugging how will I uncover who I am?

Addiction keeps us focused on what we are losing rather than what we are gaining. It is all about a 6 letter word called CONTROL. We want to be in control of our life, our health, our decisions, our relationships, and most of all how we see ourselves… but more important than that is how others see us. These areas drive our addiction and keep us circling around that perpetual cycle of defeat.

One thing will stop all of that cycle: “our willingness to change”. A person can only change to the degree that they allow themselves to change. The minute the word NO, later, not now, let me think about it, maybe tomorrow or just plain, “Huh!” …this is where the Recovery stops and a crossroads is now the picture. Remember, Recovery is like going up a down escalator. It is always a continuous motion. Many people get stuck in their addiction and start moving backwards due to there willingness or unwillingness. Always remember it is a choice. The worst thing that can happen is getting high or not?