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Christianity vs. Religion

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I think Christianity and Spiritualism get a bad rap due to Religion. Religion seems to be defined as this great movement or evangelization to have the world a better place. Christianity is not religious nor is it reacting to a need simply because the need is there.

In many ways religion is a type of deception. It appears as an activity carried out by men in the name of God. Many times these activities are a substitute for the operation of the Holy Spirit. Religion teaches from a doctrinal biases. This is one way it can be identified. Religionist are busy doing instead of being, which can create a type of romance in religious work. Much power and enthusiasm can be generated in organized activities.

Christianity is not dependent upon the acceptance of a creed, nor upon a statement of doctrine. It has nothing to do with observances of rites or ordinances, nor require attendance at certain functions or services. It doesn’t even demand conformity to a set of rules for behavior.

Always remember that Christianity or Spiritualism is defined by what we are in the eyes of God, in our secret place with Him. Where are we in our personal communication with Him? Where are we in relation to what He wants to accomplish in our personal lives? These are a few questions that separate Christianity or Spiritualism from religion. Where are you?