A Letter to You

"Caring people has been in business since 1996. I think that speaks volumes. We have a team with a combined experience of over 140 years in case management supportive services and Biblical principles and in dealing with hurting people. Caring people trains our own staff in order to ensure the same consistency and quality in every phase. Our staff has walked in the same shoes and can feel the pain and hurt each individual has experienced in there own lives.

"Caring People is a small program roughly 30 beds. We feel that large 100 bed facilities treat people more like a number than a person. Many times people fall thru the cracks, and we do everything in our power to keep a person from hiding from others and themselves in the program.
"Caring People is investing back in itself by creating a supportive living environment that will provide true success in assisting a person to change. This program takes the feeling out of the equation and focuses on the decision making part of the brain to help an addict make logical choices rather than decisions based on how they feel through Godly Biblical Principles.

"Caring People believes in physical activity and exercise in order for people to strengthen there core physical bodies. A person has to heal body, soul, and spirit. God made us a tri-part being and many other programs rely only on the body and soul and they leave out the spiritual which leaves them 2/3 complete.
"Caring People also takes a different approach to recovery. I hear all over the T.V., 'I beat my addiction!', 'I was and addict for 20 years and now I am not.' These are uninformed and misinformed statements. This is a disease. If a cancer patient goes in for radiation and surgery to remove the cancer does this mean that the cancer is gone? Or is it just in remission and the person infected with this disease changes everything in their lifestyle to ensure the cancer stays in remission.

"Addiction is an irreversible allergy. Your diet, lifestyle, and friends all have to change to ensure this allergy never is reactivated by a symptom of the disease. Addiction is a thinking problem. A person with this disease will never be able to use socially or non-addictively without suffering the consequences. "

~ Johnny Parker, President of CPRC