Miracles have happened here.

Caring People Recovery Center

CPRC has been helping men and women with life controlling problems for over 20 years and is a recognized leader in Supportive Living Services and Case Management. Our goal is to ensure you receive the care and support necessary to find your way out of your nightmare.

True Recovery is about relationships.

Your relationship with God,
Your relationship with Yourself,
and Your relationship with Others.

Enter into Faith Living or Faith Life.

Betty's Story:

I want to share a story that happened to Betty, who answers our phones, that in my opinion makes our program different from others.

Betty had an individual call, first it was the husband making inquiries to our program. Later the wife called and asked the same questions since she was the person that was searching for help. About 2 days went by and Betty had not heard from this family. She reached out to both of them, not seeking to sell them on our facility, but rather to see if she found a program to help them.

Betty wanted to make sure she got the help they were searching for.

The husband called back and asked if he could bring his wife into Caring People. The jist of this story was this: both the husband and wife had called over 10 programs searching for a place to send his wife to get her some help. He later told us that not one called back to check on them, to see how they were doing, or to assist in any other way, except Betty. He told us that was the game changer for him.
~ Mark Parker, Director of Program Services

We've walked in your shoes.

Addiction doesn't discriminate. Nor do we. We are not concerned with your belief or views pertaining to life or God. We are concerned about you. Recovery is about losing and gaining, unlearning and relearning, and the energy and effort to sustain a new way of life.

It's time to look at things differently.

At Caring People I was introduced to a new way of life. Not just the removal of drugs/alcohol from my life, but a new perspective and real life coping skills. I received encouragement, love and support as I transitioned into life again. I have received healing from the past trauma I struggled with, and I can "walk out" my recovery today. Real life recovery principles enabling me to walk it out.


A life changing experience that is based upon your willingness, is unlimited to what God will do in your life. A recovery that has strengthened all of my relationships and has allowed me to have life with peace, joy and abundance.


Caring people recovery center is a life changing rehabilitation program that is run with God’s mercy, love and strength. Anyone who needs help with addiction I highly recommend this facility because it works. I am living proof. It has saved my life.


Miracles have happened here.

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