I had been able to achieve or experience many of the things I thought would give my life satisfaction, but I was very wrong.  My mind, body and spirit had bottomed out and I was painfully alone.  Starting over and allowing God and people to help me see that relationships are the real treasure in this life has given me over two years of a meaningful recovery-based lifestyle.

– Jesse

I got here what I didn’t get at Betty Ford and Hazelden treatment centers… freedom from addiction. 7 years!!


I’ve been to 18 treatment centers and could not stay clean. Went through Caring People and I have 3 years.


I had no desire to get clean until I met Jesus Christ.

“Caring” is just the beginning with regards to my experience. The love and all-around healing which God led me to through (CPM) will never leave my heart. I am finally free!”


In my last days of active addiction, I was down as low as I had ever been. I asked God to take my life before I did. He took it, and transformed it to help others.


Very grateful today for Caring People Recovery Center and everything that they embody. It was where I arrived a complete disaster and soon found a renewed relationship with God that is now the basis of my 5+ years in recovery.


I never thought it would be possible for me to live life drug free. By attending CPRC, I was able to receive the healing I needed from God. I now have 6 years clean. I love my life today!


Caring people recovery center is a life changing rehabilitation program that is run with God’s mercy, love and strength. Anyone who needs help with addiction I highly recommend this facility because it works as I am living proof. it has saved my life.


At Caring people I was introduced to a new way of life. Not just the removal of drugs/alcohol from my life style but a new perspective and real life coping skills. I received the encouragement love and support as I transition into life again. I have received healing from past trauma that I struggled with and I am more confident that I can walk out my recovery today. Real life recovery principles enabling me to walk it out.


The journey has just begun, but the healing process is possible if you allow it. how incredible to know a support team to love you and pick you up when your down. one of a kind atmosphere and people.


A life changing experience that is based upon your willingness, is unlimited to what God will do in your life. A recovery that has strengthened all of my relationships and has allowed me to have life with peace, joy and abundance.


It has been a real life changer to say the least. I went from being completely lost to finding a brand new woman that I didn’t even know that was there.


Here at CPRC they have spiritual authority who God has anointed the ability to help me get to the inner most issue of my heart. They welcome you with open arms and help you progress to the person God has always wanted me to be. The sky is the limit on all you can obtain while you’re here your mind will truly be renewed.


From the emotional healing I received to the recovery skills I have learned, CPRC has helped my life do a complete 180. I am forever grateful for this program.

-Lindsey, 28

Caring People has been a revelation experience. Unlocking relationship knowledge that has improved my quality of life. Which I choose to whole heartedly seek Him!!


My experience has been if you are ready and willing to get your recovery! Caring People is the place for you! It has changed my life!!


Life changing! I didn’t want to live anymore. They gave me hope when I had none. There is life without having to live in Hell.


Caring People has been a life changing, life saving program. I came here with no hope of recovery but by mending my relationships with Jesus Christ, I have all the hope I could ever need.


Having come to my wits end and even death knocking on my door, God brought me to a place of Refuge. I was given tools for recovery and a great opportunity to allow God to change my life. Today I have HOPE for a future with Him.


From the emotional healing I received to the recovery skills I have learned, CPRC has helped my life do a complete 180. I am forever grateful for this program.


I came faithless, angry and hopeless. I now have a strong relationship with God and myself. My life has done a complete 180, and I know I am going to be successful.