"A wise man once told me that I had a choice to make: 'you're either gonna run from it or you're gonna run to it'. With a twisted heart and a warped sense of the world, I made my decision that night. That decision gave my parents a daughter they could believe in, it gave my son a mother he could be proud of and gave me something that was finally worth fighting for." ~ Courtney Minott, 25, sober since 07-21-2009

The powerful compulsion of drug or alcohol addictions

The powerful compulsion of drug or alcohol addictions can be devastating for suffering individuals and families affected by it. Often, these individuals find that attempting to quit drug or alcohol abuse on their own can be overwhelming.

We understand that every individual has their own unique experience with addiction. Accordingly, each individual will have his or her own personalized recovery plan, targeting his or her specific needs.

Recovery Phases

We offer a wide range of services for those seeking Drug and Alcohol recovery services.

Our recovery programs support the addicted individual’s ability to gradually decrease the intensity and level of care. Clients enter the recovery phases at the level that is most appropriate to their goals and rehabilitation needs.

Once a client has completed their individual recovery plan goals in our programs, they are encouraged to continue their recovery at a less intensive level of care. The outpatient program supports the client as they incrementally return to daily life and activities This Arrow Cycle extended support is unique to Caring People Recovery Center, providing the most encompassing phase-based treatment center.

Group and Individual Programs

At Caring People Recovery Center, we mix in new and exciting activities each week so that program participants not only maintain interest in the recovery process but also to grow and engage in fresh accomplishments. We utilize various treatment modalities in both group and individual settings.


Programs in Detail

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